Wordpress Essentials
£10.00 / month
  • Space 10GB
  • Performance Fast
  • Web Server Wordpress Optimized Apache
  • Server Location UK
  • Wordpress Manager
  • Security Tools
  • CDN Extra
  • Litespeed Wordpress Optimizer N/A
  • Caching Standard
  • Image Optimization Extra
  • SEO Toolkit Extra
Wordpress Pro
£30.00 / month
  • Space 100GB
  • Performance Fast + Speed Booster
  • Web Server Wordpress Optimized Litespeed
  • Server Location UK
  • Wordpress Manager
  • Security Tools
  • CDN
  • Litespeed Wordpress Optimizer
  • Caching Enhanced
  • Image Optimization
  • SEO Toolkit
Full unrestricted Wordpress
As standard all our plans come with the ability to use your own domain name and not a subdomain
Use your own domain
Only available with Premium
Upload custom themes or modify existing themes to your liking
Full Theme customization
You can only install limited themes permitted by wordpress.com
Browse or upload any wordpress plugin
All Plugins allowed
No custom or commercial plugins allowed
WP Toolkit provides tools to scan, update and clone your wordpress website
Wordpress Toolkit
Not a full wordpress install so this is not available to you
You own your website and content
Full Control Of Wordpress Database & Files
You do not get a real wordpress install so you can not download the files & database making it hard to leave their hosting
You can generate money by selling your own ads & doing things your way with no limits
Monetization Freedom
You're not allowed to sell ads on your site other that WordAds (a service run by wordpress.com)
Litespeed Web Server
LS Cache - Fastest caching plugin

Wordpress Toolkit and SEO Toolkit

Wordpress Toolkit
A all in one management application to help install, secure, update, backup, restore and clone your wordpress install with just a few clicks. See Wordpress Toolkit yourself in the Plesk Demo.
Plesk SEO Toolkit
Once your wordpress website is working you can use SEO Toolkit inside of Plesk control panel that will allow you to setup keywords to monitor your rankings on search engines including google!

Easy Wordpress Management

Wordpress Toolkit makes managing your wordpress easier than ever with its simple to use user interface. Mass install updates and secure your wordpress in just a few clicks. You can also clone your wordpress easily with just the click of a button.

How do we compare?

For 100 users
+ WPRocket
+ W3TC
+ LsCache

Top-notch Performance

We use the very latest Dell poweredge servers with cloud hosting software designed for wordpress! By combining the best hardware with top notch licensed software we can give you a truely ultimate wordpress experience.

Wordpress Security

The best hosting deserves the best security

  • Hourly firewall updates on all of our wordpress servers
  • Enhanced server security to protect your wordpress website
  • Free Lets Encrypt SSL certificate as standard with all our wordpress hosting
  • Automatic HTTP to HTTPS redirection


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Good hosting service
They are always online on chat support when we need to support. As you know there major GMT time...
Ferhat Karatas
As always
As always - these guys are good - used them now for nearly 10 years - and still the same good service.
Kirk Lauf
I have beed with
Cyberhost Pro for 15 years and can thoroughly recommend their services. Very competitive pricing...
Simon Paige
I have 4 packages with
these guys and have done for years. The service has been absolutely top drawer from the moment...
Darren Marsden
Excellent Support Service
I have been with cyberhostpro.com for a number of years now and have only had two problems in all...
Andre Jason

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