Web hosting centre in America goes down after a fire

GigeNET is the Chicago based company specialising in web hosting solutions who recently experienced a setback which saw their servers go down. This is the first network wide outage they have experienced since the centre first opened back in 2006.

Unforeseen circumstances occurred in the Chicago, IL data centre last week but the company says that no servers were damaged as a result. An accident in the vicinity of the centre caused a power line to go down which resulted in an unexpected power surge. The surge was thankfully reduced by GigeNET’s breakers and surge protectors. The incident caused a single short which produced smoke within the centre.

The smoke was fortunately detected by a VESDA double pre-action smoke detection system resulting in the prompt arrival of the Fire Brigade.

Fire Officials instructed the centre to carry out an emergency power off on their backup units. This was deemed necessary as a safety precaution. When the system was powered up again it was assisted by a safety inspector and a team of electricians to safeguard the equipment.

Customers were re-connected in stages to avoid overloading the Protocol Data Unit. As a result of GigeNET’s unavoidable disruption, they are offering customers credits upon receiving the relevant tickets as stated in their Service Level Agreement.

The company understands how important it is for customers to avoid any downtime and will be sorely disappointed with this one-off incident. They have, however, recently benefitted from a massive growth with new data centre capacity in Los Angeles and claim that through them your infrastructure is in safe hands.

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