Record Sales Due on Cyber Monday

Although the phenomena of “mass shopping” is often associated with the United States post-Thanksgiving “Black Friday,” Cyber Monday has become an equally formidable commercial boost for online retailers. In the UK, an increasing number of individuals have begun using this particular day to hunt for the best prices and bargains on gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

In many ways, the industry has responded in turn. A significant number of retailers have begun offering drastic discounts on Cyber Monday, providing individuals with the opportunity to take advantage of all of the benefits provided by Black Friday without the need to wade through crowds and bustling masses of people. This is particularly beneficial for those who, for whatever reason, are unable to get out and shop on the Black Friday.

In response to booming interest in Cyber Monday, Barclaycard recently released information that showed that online shopping levels were already up over 10% compared to this time last year. This level of enthusiasm will invariably translate into even more purchasing activity during Cyber Monday and the weeks leading up to the holiday festivities. Experts at Barclaycard are currently stating that their projections indicate £450 million will be spent using their cards, a sum which will be dispersed throughout approximately 7.7 million consumer transactions.

Visa has also reported that their analysts are currently predicting that this year’s Cyber Monday will exceed the levels of financial activity reached in 2012 by 16%, a massive shift that has a number of implications for both online and “brick and mortar” shoppers.

This level of commercial activity invariably produces additional responsibilities and needs for business owners, most notably their duty to ensure that their online infrastructure remains intact during this period of heavy consumer engagement. Downed systems can have a number of significant negative effects on business, ranging from the obvious loss of profit to negative consumer sentiment and a loss of credibility.

As an increasing number of businesses turn to professionally managed hosting operations to ensure their viability in the competitive online commerce industry, both customers and entrepreneurs are reaping the benefits.

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