How To Protect Against Web Hosting Fraud

Although the advantages of professional and affordable web hosting are too numerous to mention, it’s not uncommon for individuals to unknowingly fall prey to a variety of fraudulent schemes within the industry, creating a target-rich environment for fraudulent web hosting companies.

So how can individuals protect themselves (and their bank accounts) from underhanded dealings on the part of web hosting providers? One of the first strategies individuals should pursue before seeking a hosting account is to determine the maximum amount of money they are willing to spend on web hosting. When researching available web hosting options, it’s very easy to get tempted by the “too good to be true” prices of some smaller web hosting companies. Unfortunately, due to the relatively anonymous nature of web hosting enrollment, it’s difficult to tell if these smaller organisations are actually fraudulent groups.

By taking the time to develop a budget before the shopping process begins, individuals can compare the prices of large, more reliable and renowned web hosting companies with smaller providers. If the smaller company appears to be somewhat suspicious, and the larger, more established provider chargers a fee that remains “in budget,” it’s much easier to convince oneself that peace of mind and security may be worth a slightly higher price.

If you do decide to pursue hosting through a smaller service, one of the best methods of determining the legitimacy of the company is to seek out customer reviews online. Although fraudulent reviews do exist, the chances are good that an individual (or multiple individuals) who may have had a bad experience with the web hosting company have shared this information online. Alternatively, most reputable web hosting companies will have a customer support team so see what they are like on the phone.

If, upon selection of a web hosting plan, a company asks you for an unnecessary amount of identification and financial information, these are very serious warning signs. Again, the point should be made that, although larger, more established companies may charge a higher price, the chances of being exposed to fraudulent activity are dramatically reduced.

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