Benefits of adding SSL Encryption to your website.

Do you own a website? If yes, you’d have certainly heard about SSL certificates. Before you go on to purchase one, it is important that you understand what they are and the benefits of having them on your website. SSL stands for ‘Secure Socket Layer’, which is a security protocol that is employed to safeguard information between two machines. In order to achieve this, it makes use of cryptography to bind details together.


SSL adds https:// to your website address, and add’s a padlock so your visitors know their visit to your website is encrypted, this certainly helps buyers who maybe looking to make a purchase from your website.

Why do I need a SSL Certificate?

Basically, an organization needs to install a dedicated SSL certificate onto its web server in order to initiate secure sessions with browsers. This is very similar to sealing a letter before sending it through mail. In this case, the layer of glue is the SSL certificate. These are mainly used to secure credit card transactions, user login and data transfer involving sensitive information.

And Google has made it clear that it will rank websites with SSL certificates higher, a reason you need one now more than ever! The change for Google was apparent, the Search Giant wanted to reward companies and websites who could develop more trust with their users.

Dedicated SSL Certificate: Also referred to as a private SSL certificate, this has your domain name mentioned on it. A dedicated SSL comes with an annual cost depending on what type of SSL Certificate you purchase, there are multiple types of SSL certificates available for you to choose from so you’re in charge of your domain’s protection. When customers see your company’s name on the certificate, it boosts your website’s credibility.

Cyber Host Pro offer a range of SSL Certificates, our most popular one is are cheapest SSL Certificate RapidSSL, however those companies wanting a higher level of protection can opt for premium SSL Certificates or SSL Certificates with the Green EV Bar (extended validation), Extended validation can take up to 7 days to process as you will be required to submit multiple information to an external company to perform validation on your company, we only recommend EV to registered companies.

example EV SSL: 2015-11-09_15-51-04

Where to purchase a genuine SSL certificate?

Cyber Host Pro customers can purchase a SSL Certificate from our website at https://www.cyberhostpro.com/services/our-ssl-certificate-packages/


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