Why Most People Prefer cPanel Hosting?

Even today one of the factors most website owners look for when they are choosing their web hosting service is whether the hosting service comes with cPanel.

What is cPanel and why do people look for it?

cPanel is the user interface tool that is integrated into the customer admin section of your hosting. cPanel allows you to manage your hosting service in an efficient and in the most user-friendly way. Even someone that is not web savvy will be able to manage his or her hosting service with this control panel and is the most widely used control panel in the world. Website hosting companies will not be subscribing to cPanel if it were not the best tool available in the industry. Website owners will be able to accomplish even the most complex hosting tasks with single click operation through cPanel.

cPanel is used with the Linux platform and with it users will be able to manage their entire websites. You will be able to take a back up of your entire site in a single click, manage your files, set up FTP accounts, create email accounts, access website server statistics, set up and manage databases and more. You just need to name your need and it is already included in the cPanel and that is why this control panel is the most popular hosting management tool in the industry.

Website owners that get used to cPanel hosting will not be comfortable with any other system or platform. No other hosting control panel gives the users such an elaborate hosting management solution. As you can manage your cPanel hosting all by yourself you will not be required to contact your hosting company too frequently for assistance. The entire cPanel hosting has been designed to help the users serve themselves. This also reduces the pressure on the website hosting company as the number of support tickets raised by customers is reduced considerably. Even those who resell hosting services prefer it, as managing the reseller hosting too is very easy with this platform.

What to look for with cPanel hosting

When you are selecting your hosting service provider, check whether they hold a valid cPanel license so that you will not run into problems while hosting your website. Choose a reputed hosting company for your cPanel hosting requirements so that they will not only host your websites in secure servers but will also provide you with cPanel control panel with a complete list of functionalities. Try to give your website a stable online presence by choosing the right hosting services. You will certainly not regret spending some extra time choosing your hosting service provider or finding hosting services with a user-friendly control panel. You need to invest your time only at the beginning and after that, all that you will be required to do is to just renew the hosting service. If you don’t make the right choice initially then you will subject yourself to series of problems.

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