Cyber Host Pro Launch New Android App for Cloud Server Hosting

Cyber Host Pro has recently updated their iOS application and developed an additional Android-compatible version of the software

Liverpool, UK – 27.02.2014
In an effort to stay current on the relatively fast pace of development and progress occurring in the world of cloud server hosting, Cyber Host Pro has recently released an update to their popular iOS application as well as an Android-compatible application featuring the same functionality. The recent updates were prompted by Cyber Host Pro’s desire to further enhance the accessibility and functionality of their product in response to the overwhelmingly positive feedback they had already received.
In addition to a revamped graphical interface, the new iOS updates and Android application feature a number of interface tweaks as well as improved load times. The application has been designed to simulate the iOS7 look and feel, a helpful modification for users who may have extensive experience with this operating system. Additionally, the new application is compatible with the iPad Air. The application is available in both the Android store and the Apple store.
The addition of an Android-compatible application was due in large part to the numerous requests made by Cyber Host Pro’s extensive customer base following the launch of the iOS-specific version. The apps are primarily designed for small businesses who manage their operations using Cyber Host Pro. Individuals have the ability to control their servers while “on the move”, and can upgrade and downgrade the server at any time. Hosting settings can also be adjusted as needed.
The director of Cyber Host Pro, Chris Danks, said “this update aptly demonstrates our continued commitment to customer service. We know that our customers’ hosting solutions are the life blood of their businesses, and this app will allow them to manage their operations better.
Danks further explained the goals of Cyber Host Pro, stating “with over 100,000 websites hosted on our servers, we have to continue improving the service that we deliver to maintain our presence as one of the UK’s most respected hosting companies.”
The app update was launched on 7th February, and there has been a substantial increase in downloads, particularly for Android devices. Usability has also increased, with most users logging in daily. Although it is not necessary to download the application in order to use Cyber Host Pro’s hosting technology effectively, this addition to the wide array of tools available to customers further distinguishes the company within a competitive and crowded field. Cyber Host Pro currently offers a 50% reduction on hosting prices that runs until the end of the 2013/14 financial year.
Cyber Host Pro provides cloud hosting solutions to businesses and individuals across the UK.

Press Contact:
Name: Chris Danks
Position: Director
Phone: 0845 527 9345

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