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Why Web Hosting Will Directly Affect Your Business’s Revenue

Business owners may not consider website hosting to be essential for their company, but in reality, it can make a huge difference

Running virtually any business these days will require you to have a website. Without one, you’re missing out on a lot of exposure and allowing competitors to dominate your target market.

So where does web hosting come into the equation, I hear you ask. Well, web hosting is how an average quality site from a free hosting provider (WordPress for example) is upgraded to a highly professional, beautiful looking, and technically sound website. And the following reasons are why it will directly affect your business’s revenue.

Free Hosting Doesn’t Project a Professional Image

In the business world, your company’s image counts for a lot. If your website looks cheap, tacky, or unoriginal, then you can be 99.9% sure people will look somewhere else. People on a tight budget or those who don’t think that web hosting is worth paying for will use free hosting.

While the “free” in free hosting may be a very appealing factor, minimal creative options and limited technical resources will make it very difficult to design and maintain a website of a high professional quality.

Web hosting gives you access to more advanced hardware too, meaning that your site will be quicker, more efficient, and more reliable. This level of quality doesn’t just imply professionalism; it shouts it from the rooftops. A reliable and effective site reflects the same attributes of your company.

Poor Exposure = Limited Revenue

The internet is incorporated into near enough everything. Not only has it changed the way we carry out everyday activities, but it has been a game-changer for basically every industry you can think of. For businesses of all sizes, the internet has become a marketing and sales phenomenon. A website that’s reaching people on a wide-scale will do nothing but good things to your company’s profits.

Web hosting services provide you with the platform to build a site that has endless potential with regards to exposure. By creating a website that grabs people’s attention through a creative and unique design, as well as an abundance of engaging content on its fast-loading user-friendly pages, your site will go from strength to strength.

Without the right exposure, you’ll find it difficult to compete with other businesses in your industry that have popular, engaging websites. Increased exposure won’t happen overnight, but web hosting is the first step needed to put your site on the right path.

Branding is Vital

Company branding and logos have always been a standout feature in business, and any company that fails to brand themselves effectively will be fighting a losing battle against those that do.

You may have a fantastic product or service but, if you’re unable to establish yourself as a brand, it will affect the popularity of your business and therefore have a direct impact on your ability to create revenue.

Without web hosting, you’ll be extremely limited when it comes to creative aspects such as website themes, fonts, or even the way in which copy and content are presented. An offputting site will increase your bounce rate and, yes you guessed it, have a negative effect on your online success.

We mentioned above how access to advanced hardware improves your business image and the same can be said for further establishing your brand.

When people visit your website and are greeted by a level of quality that outshines many of your competitors, it tells them a lot about your brand. You’ve created a high-end site because you’re a high-end brand and won’t settle for anything but the best — whether it’s your product or the service you provide.

An Unreliable Site Will Be Costly

If your business’s primary source of income is generated through your e-commerce site, then reliability is a top priority. Inefficient hosting or a poor web hosting provider could prove to be very costly for your company. This is not necessarily because of fees (they’re likely to be cheap), but because of how it will affect your revenue.

If your current web hosting service lacks the necessary bandwidth or disk space needed to keep your site firing on all cylinders, then it will spell trouble for your business. Not only will downtime prevent customers from making purchases, but it will plant the seed of doubt in customers’ minds about your company making your competitors a more appealing option.

With Cyber Host Pro as your web hosting provider, you’ll have access to the most up to date hardware with exceptional performance. This means that you won’t have to worry about your website not having the technical spec to suit your needs. You’ll also have an experienced and knowledgeable team at your disposal to help you with any queries or issues you may have.

If you’re in the process of designing a website or are looking to upgrade your current site, then it would be worthwhile to check out our variety of web hosting services. If you need some advice or have any questions, then don’t hesitate to get in contact via our contact page or by phone on 0845 527 9345.

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Chris Danks has written 138 post in this blog.

Chris is a British businessman, Chris started in the hosting business in 2001 at the age of 15. The business was re-branded to Cyber Host Pro in 2003 and has since grown to have thousands of customers around the world who trust Cyber Host Pro to manage their web hosting and servers.

Chris Danks

Chris is a British businessman, Chris started in the hosting business in 2001 at the age of 15. The business was re-branded to Cyber Host Pro in 2003 and has since grown to have thousands of customers around the world who trust Cyber Host Pro to manage their web hosting and servers.

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