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As someone with a few personal blogs and websites online it was essential to have access to the best website hosting service. My current application hosting was falling grossly short in running these sites effectively. I ran a few forums and information blogs that drove huge visitor traffic and to my delight, the traffic only increased each day. With my unique needs, I was expecting to find a service that would meet all my needs with only one service provider.

The experience of lags and downtimes on my current server only made me wiser about my choice. When I first chose a host I knew nothing about the services. Equipped with the knowledge of the needs of my sites, I set out to look for a different hosting company.

After much research and fuss, I finally came upon exactly what I was looking for. An experienced UK hosting company that offered a range of services seemed like the perfect choice. They had a variety of plans that could fit into any kind of budget. They even offered free transfers for .uk domains and other amazing deals. One of the most attractive offers was the extended renewal for .com and .net domains.

The servers itself were impressive. They offered UK VPS and cloud hosting that could be scaled according to one’s growing needs. This was a far cry from the slow and overloaded servers I was previously hosted on. Packages fitted for every need, I could now think of expanding my plans for a couple of my websites. The service even provided for bulk data transfer with help to migrate from another service in a hassle free way. Another thing I found really impressive was that their data centers were located within the UK and included non-outsourced technical support round the clock.

The company even boasted of latest cloud Linux servers with scope for unlimited sub domains and unlimited traffic. The service also included cPanel control panel which eased the management of servers and resources. I was most attracted to their fully automated server positioning, backup and recovery options. One could simply choose their own VPS plan to completely customize their package.

Add-ons like IP address, additional disk space, CPU, windows license, VPS templates and other resources came at unbelievably low prices. I wasted no time and decided to speak to them. Sure enough after some excellent customer service and discussion over plans I was on my way to migrating to this domain hosting service. After over a month of use I could only say that they have delivered well on their promise. Their infrastructure is truly first rate with add-ons and prices to beat the competition on the market, their service is the finest.

I would personally recommend their service to all kinds of website owners. Whether one has a small blog or a business website, they can find what they need right here. At the prices they offer their services at, it is surely a steal. Also, their customer care is top notch and keeps me coming back.

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