WordPress installation guide

In this example I will be installing WordPress using a Linux website hosting account, with cPanel and Softaculous application installer.

Firstly, log into your cPanel account using your log on credentials. Scroll down to the “Software/Services” menu and select the “Softaculous” icon.
This will bring you to the following page:


This shows all applications available from Softaculous, we will be selecting “WordPress” which will take you to the install page. From here, in the top right of the screen, select Install. This will now take you to the set up page, from here you can customise the set up and choose which domain to be installed on and database names ect. I used mainly the default settings, however for security purposes set your own username and password. Click the Install icon at the bottom of the page now to install WordPress. The installation process can take up to 3-4 minutes, however once it is completed it will take you to a page showing which url’s to use to access your wordpress site.

The admin page will always be yourdomain.com/Wordpress directory/wp-admin.

Now, log in to the admin page for WordPress. You should be presented with the following page.


From here you can change anything about the lay out of the webpage, choose new templates, add posts and pages and much more. In this tutorial we will be changing the theme of the website and addings some pages, images and plugins.

Select the “Change your theme completely” link underneath the large blue “customizes your site” button.

This will take you to a page showing current installed themes to choose from, you can add more though using the “add more themes” button on the right of the page.

WordPress has thousands of themes to choose from some free and some paid, you can also use alternative websites to browse themes and upload them to wordpress. However, in this example I will be using the free “Spartan” theme I found under the “featured” tab while browing themes.

To install the theme click “install now” then once successfully installed you can activate it by clicking the “Activate” button.

Now the theme of the website is set it is time to start adding pages, you can do this by selecting the “pages” button on the right hand menu and selecting “add new”. From here give your page a title and add the contents then you can preview it by selecting the “preview” button on the right of the screen or publish it and make it live by selecting the “publish” button.

Next we will install a plugin to the website using wordpress, there are many free and paid plugins available and for this example I will be using an online chat plugin called “Live chat” which is the same as we use on cyberhostpro.com, it will require a trial account or active account with Live Chat Inc

Navigate to the plugins menu on the left menu bar and select “add new” and then either search for the plugin you want or view the featured and most popular items. Once you have found your plugin click it and select “install now” and once installed select “Active plugin” and now it is running on your site.

That’s some of the WordPress basics covered, wordpress is a very popular CMS with many options and settings and is used by 18% of the top 10 million websites worldwide.

You can continue the WordPress tutorial series on the next article: Securing WordPress

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