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Windows Dedicated Servers: Management and Organisation With Control Panel

The efficiency and outstanding quality of Windows dedicated servers make them an extremely beneficial service for website owners. One of the most vital aspects that make it such an appealing service is the ability to manage and organise your server with ease. With a professional control panel at your fingertips, you’ll be able to maintain and scale your website to consistently suit your needs.

Below, you’ll find a simple to understand, yet comprehensive guide to the control panel that Windows dedicated servers uses, along with why we believe that you’ll benefit from this brilliant user-friendly tool.

What is a Control Panel?

A control panel is a handy tool that allows you to install and manage domains and applications on your own dedicated server. This is revolutionary for website owners — such as businesses and eCommerce sites — who need to continually monitor their site’s progress. A control panel allows you to manage and organise your site all in one place, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Our recommendation for a Windows dedicated server is the Plesk control panel. This is used by 11 millions websites and applications around the world, so it’s safe to say that people are happy with the product. Key features of Plesk are its extremely efficient security measures, being able to add/remove as many domains as you want, and also being an excellent toolkit for WordPress sites.

How Will It Benefit My Website and Business?

Firstly, any website or business can never be too organised. The use of a control panel with your Windows dedicated server will work wonders for efficiency and your site’s potential for success. Whether you’re a tech genius or a business owner learning the ropes, Plesk is the perfect tool to help you maintain a secure and high-performing website.

Aside from being high-quality, efficient, and used by millions of people, Plesk provides website owners with a user-friendly tool that is essential when attempting to maintain and secure a server at all times.

This is especially beneficial for businesses and other people (such as bloggers) who use their site as a primary source of income, as issues such as downtime and poor site performance directly affect your ability to earn money. Having a professional control panel will help you to monitor everything that’s going on, and therefore maintain a successful website.

Server Management

If you’re someone who has very little free time on your hands, or simply lack the technical know-how or confidence to maintain your server using the control panel, Cyber Host Pro offers a server management service that’s ideal for assistance, support and managing your Windows dedicated server.

We have many years of experience in the hosting industry and in-depth knowledge of the most recent technology, which makes us the perfect team to watch over your dedicated Windows server. Our team are available to support and manage your server 24 hours a day and, if at any time you need to get in touch, you can do so via email or live chat.

Our server management service is a perfect example of modern technology and supreme customer support working effectively to provide the ultimate service. Not only can customers rely on our web hosting services to be of the highest quality, but also to have faith in our team of experts to manage their server and be on call to take care of any issues.

Are you looking for a website hosting service that’s easy to monitor and manage? Cyber Host Pro has a wide range of web hosting plans, including dedicated Windows servers, that offer supreme quality and efficiency.

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