What Is VPS Hosting?

Dedicated VPS Servers

An Essential Guide to Dedicated VPS Servers

Although VPS server hosting may not fall under the same umbrella as Windows and Linux dedicated servers, they do share some of the same attributes that can be a huge benefit to website owners.

If you imagine a scale where shared hosting (in which multiple websites share one server and its resources) is at one end, and dedicated servers (entire server and its resources to yourself) is at the other — VPS hosting (virtual private server) finds itself right in the middle. What we mean by this is that while you do share a server with other sites, your site is assigned dedicated VPS resources to ensure quality and to prevent other users’ websites affecting your own.

To give you a better idea about what you can expect from a VPS hosting service, we’ll highlight how it differs from other types of dedicated server hosting, and why it’s incredibly beneficial to many website owners.

What is a Virtual Private Server?

A virtual private server is a virtualised server that mimics the concept of a dedicated server but does so as a shared hosting environment. This provides customers with dedicated VPS resources, without the need for their own physical server. It’s technically both a dedicated and shared server.

Although this does mean that VPS doesn’t produce the same level of performance as dedicated server hosting, it’s leaps and bounds above shared hosting because you don’t have to ‘share’ resources.

Whether you should choose VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting depends on your website’s needs, so to help you decide, here are some of the advantages of virtual private servers.

Advantages of VPS Server Hosting

  • It’s Less Expensive: The first and most appealing advantage of VPS hosting is that it’s cheaper than dedicated servers. This is because this option doesn’t require a physical server that is devoted only to your website, but you are still assigned dedicated VPS resources.
  • Customise it to Suit Your Needs: Aside from being popular because of its price, VPS hosting is preferable among website owners because it’s easy to customise. Being able to pick and choose the features that they need, and disregard those that they don’t need helps to make the hosting experience a lot simpler.
  • Scalability: As a website owner, you’ll find that your hosting needs will change at some point, which is why being able to scale your hosting service with ease is such an appealing trait of VPS. Starting with minimal resources is ideal when your website is taking its baby steps, then as you gain more traffic and require additional resources, it won’t be an issue to accommodate your new needs.
  • It’s Safer Than Shared Hosting: Not only is it more efficient than shared hosting thanks to dedicated VPS server resources, but it’s also a lot safer too. This is because, in shared hosting, all of the sites share the entire server — so if one website is compromised, there’s a chance that your site will be at risk too.
  • More Server Control: Another crucial benefit of VPS is that you have more control over your server and can tweak it to suit your needs. VPS hosting is a brilliant option to make your website to operate efficiently and to its full potential.

 Are you looking for a web hosting service that is efficient, scalable, and caters for a tighter budget? A Virtual Private Server provides the benefits of dedicated VPS resources without the expense of a physical server — the ideal option for any website owner in need of high-quality hosting at a lower price.

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