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Cyber Host Pro .. A look to 2014

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The story so far this year…

2013 has been an amazing year for Cyber Host Pro, we won best Independent Technology Company in our home city of Liverpool, and we’ve introduced our best ever product with our new VPS product Cloud Server which we believe is one of the best Cloud Server / VPS products available online!

Our cloud server includes some amazing technology and features that are included as standard such as data replication, high availability and auto heal. We’ve also had our very first app recently in the app store for both iPhone and iPad to manage Cloud Server.

Our most popular product is our shared hosting service. As we are always investing in the finest hardware and software, we are proud to offer an amazing service which has almost 1,000 resellers and several thousand end users.

The plan for 2014…

Our Team

We’re pleased to announce an number of improvements being launched in 2014. One improvement is our Liverpool contact centre being open for longer, we operate a 24 hour online help desk and currently our phone lines are UK office hours. As we are currently a recruiting new members of staff, our tech support, based in Liverpool, will be open for longer. This means that we can provide you with even greater support by extending our telephone support opening times from 8am until 9pm. Out of these hours we will continue to operate an online help desk, giving you the support you want, when you want it.

All New Shared Hosting

From 2014 we’ll have a new shared hosting service, no longer will you need to choose windows hosting or linux hosting on our website, we’ll have 1 package that allows you to choose Linux (Apache) or Windows (IIS) when you add your website! We will have several dedicated web servers for Linux and Windows, with all E-mail going on Smartermail Servers which has never been available to Linux website hosting users before! MS SQL 2014 will be available and the very latest version of MySQL too! Everything will be the very latest software including the new Windows Server 2012 R2 for Windows Hosting, and Latest CloudLinux/Centos 6 for Linux websites. Although our Windows hosting customers already have a similar setup, this is brand new to Linux hosting, as currently Linux hosting is on a single server, so Websites, Email, Control Panel, Databases & DNS are all on one server. Now all services will be on dedicated servers per service giving the best possible performance.

We will be looking to hire a dedicated Developer to work on migration tools for customers to be able to migrate from our legacy products including Cpanel, WebsitePanel and Enkompass.

Previously, resellers would of needed to buy 2 reseller plans from us, now only 1 Reseller Hosting plan is required to combine both Windows & Linux hosting. Pricing information for our new packages should be available Feb/March 2014.

Price Update

Although price changes are not something that happens often at Cyber Host Pro, we’ve had to make some changes to current packages from Jan 2014. Cyber Host Pro tries to take on any price rises that may effect our customers, however, as a result of increased energy prices, all of our shared hosting (Website Hosting) renewal prices will go up by £1.00 per month (or £10 year if paid annually), and Reseller Hosting will be going up by £1.50 a Month (£15.00 year if paid annually) this small price increase will allow us to continue to keep providing you with an amazing service, plus you’ll be protected by our new DDOS protection coming soon – which is worth £500+ a month.

Current customers with a VPS, Dedicated Server or Cloud Virtual Server will not be effected.

.com and .net domain names will also be re-priced to £9.99 a year, but we are still much cheaper on domain name renewals compared to the 2 top registrars in the UK including 123-Reg, and UKReg.

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