When is the Right Time to Go for Dedicated Servers?

You have used the most dazzling internet marketing strategy and a powerful social media presence. Your link building has yielded successful results and the SEO of your site is smashing. The business you were seeking to promote is finally witnessing the success it was intended to. The volume of traffic to your website is the reflection of visitor interest more than anything else and that is a good thing. However, in the ever changing world of the internet, things can dissipate quickly. The one question you should be asking yourself is whether your site is prepared to handle all this traffic. As your online presence grows so does your site’s requirements. Many website owners don’t have the least idea of when is a good time to move your site to dedicated servers. Probably you are still some distance from the above scenario but your numbers are slowly but steadily increasing.

  • Do not lose sight of the fact that as the traffic volume increases, the performance of the site will take a beating. Not if you know when is the right time to start upgrading or going for a dedicated server. The optimal time when you should be thinking about upgrading your server is not set in stone. However, here is a small guide to help you know when you should be taking the plunge.
  • Type of Website: What type of website do you own? There are a few categories of businesses whose traffic has the definite potential to skyrocket. If you belong to one of those categories and seeing a steady stream of visitors, you should be going anytime soon. Here is a small list of websites for whom dedicated hosting is a must.
  • Successful Blogs, Information, and Multi Media: This is one of the most common categories. Probably your site is now outgrowing the other types of intermediate plans. It is time you started thinking in terms of CPU space, RAM, uplink, hardware specifications, unrelenting speed and robust performance. Your site is surely going to need it.
  • eCommerce Websites: eCommerce is one of the fastest growing internet business setups. If your site has been successful enough to command more and more consumer attention, you need to pay attention to everything including security of the site. The privacy of customers’ information is vital apart from the performance and only the best UK dedicated servers can provide that.
  • Analytics: Numbers tell a story and keeping an eye on the numbers is a great way to stay afloat about the developments. You could actually see how the numbers affect the website’s performance and adapt accordingly
  • Security: Has your website grown to have become a center for a lot of consumer information? Whether it is an eCommerce site or requires collecting in depth information, your servers should be safe. If locally based UK servers and data centres with round the clock security are what you are looking at, it is time to take the plunge.

Your website is about to see a great surge in traffic, do not let it be a victim of its own success. Use the above guide to understand when is the best time to go for dedicated hosting services.

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