Social Media Login set-up guide

Cyber Host Pro now supports social media logins. You can now login or signup using Social Media logins such as Facebook, Google or Twitter. Current customers can set this up by visiting Portal at https://portal.cyberhostpro.com Once you are on the portal page, next to the login window click the social media platform icon (such as […]

10 Reasons why you should host WordPress with Cyber Host Pro

Finding a WordPress hosting provider may not be as easy as it looks!  Sure you can choose pretty much any web hosting company that offers PHP and MySQL to get your WordPress site online but behind the scenes, there is so much more that you should care about! As a hosting company, we know WordPress […]

Expert Web Design Service UK Online

Businesses are constantly trying to reach out to their audiences to spread information about their products or services. The best way to do it is through the internet. It is the fastest medium of spreading information about a brand and its services. You can get access to huge audiences instantly. The number of people making […]

Monitor Websites Thoroughly with Joomla Hosting London

Launching and sustaining a website is not simply about registering with a reputed CMS. It is rather easy to prepare a basic website but handling the backend operations is not in your hands here. For this, you will need to hire a website hosting service. Now the question that follows this is how does managed hosting […]

Migrate your server from HELM to Plesk

Is your server still running on HELM Control Panel? If yes, then it is high time that you migrated to Cyber Host Pro, Our dedicated servers come with the latest Parallels Plesk Control Panel, as your aware HELM has not been developed for some years, we can assist in migrating all of your websites from […]

WordPress installation guide

In this example I will be installing WordPress using a Linux website hosting account, with cPanel and Softaculous application installer. Firstly, log into your cPanel account using your log on credentials. Scroll down to the “Software/Services” menu and select the “Softaculous” icon. This will bring you to the following page: This shows all applications available […]

Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5 released

The creators of the Plesk control panel, Parallels have released a new version of one of their most anticipated hosting solution. Parallels Plesk Automation is an industry leading control panel which allows users to get the best out of both worlds of hosting, Windows and Linux. The Plesk Automation software is a great asset for […]

Features and Benefits of the new Windows Server 2012 R2

18th October 2013 will see the release of the new Windows Server 2012 R2. This latest Server has been produced with great enthusiasm by Microsoft, giving their users the highest quality product to date. The much anticipated release of the Windows R2 Sever will enable users to create their very own secure, private and hybrid […]

Windows 8.1 Released, whats new to the end user?

Windows 8.1 has now been released in the Windows Store for users running the retail version of Windows 8. The update to their newest operating system, previously known as Windows Blue, brings many new features and tweaks to make Microsoft’s operating system the one to choose. The update goes back on the biggest controversial change that […]

Features To Look For While Selecting Your Windows Hosting

One of the crucial responsibilities that you have as a business owner when you want to take your business online is selecting the best hosting solution for your business. Not everyone is equally conversant with all the latest technologies available in the hosting industry and not everyone is aware of all the technicalities of hosting […]

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