The 2018 website trends you should be aware of

Websites are constantly evolving. It’s not a business area you can invest in once and expect it to continue performing well for years. It should be considered a part of your operations that needs to change to reflect consumer demand, industry trends, and technology advancements. If you need to bring your online presence into 2018, […]

Why You Need to Re-Evaluate Your Web Hosting Needs this Summer

Many people will alter, update and rebrand their website from time to time. Web hosting, on the other hand, is an aspect of a site that isn’t re-evaluated enough, or at all in some cases. Summertime is an exciting time for any website owner or blogger. Seasonal content, outreach campaigns, or designing your site with […]

Why Reseller Hosting is One of the Easiest Ways to Make Money Online

In the modern era, a website has many different purposes. Whether or not it’s been created for business purposes, reseller hosting is a way in which website owners can make money from their site with minimal effort. The internet and other forms of modern technology have given us an abundance of ways to easily communicate […]

4 Security Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog post, you will already be aware of what website hosting is. If you’re currently looking for the right web hosting provider for your site, there are a few cyber security aspects to consider. Just like any other industry these days, web hosting is in no way monopolised by one […]

Startup Tips: Website Hosting & 4 Other Things You Shouldn’t Neglect

Being your own boss is great. You decide your own hours, you get to choose a company dress code and you get the satisfaction of creating something from the ground up. Admittedly, it’s not all plain sailing, but there are a whole host of reasons to start a new business. If you’re reading this, it’s […]

5 Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Website

These days, a website is the most powerful business tool out there — and without utilising it to the best of your ability, you risk falling short of the competition. Nearly every industry has been majorly affected by the internet and the abundance of companies who now use a website as their primary source of […]

Is it Time to Move Your Business to the Cloud?

Cloud hosting is an indication of how far modern computing has come and, for a lot of businesses, the benefits provide the answer to a lot of their problems. The term “cloud” has become more and more familiar over the last few years, and the chances are you’re currently using at least one cloud service […]

Website Hosting UK Delivering Super Performance

A blog post written for us by our client Steve Jackson, Super fast cloud service is what every person looks for when using a hosting service. Being a website developer, I run a small entrepreneurship setup from home. My clients do not have to worry about their website being hosted on the server. I take […]

How to Set Up A Business Using Only Cloud Services

Thanks to recent innovations in cloud technology, it has never been easier to establish a viable businesses platform over the web. A growing number of businesses are working diligently to streamline the process of fine-tuning the logistics of a functional online enterprise, regardless of the specific industry or niche it caters to. One of the […]

Rackspace Shifts Web Hosting Focus As CEO Retires

It seems like the hot topic that many tech-enthusiasts are speaking about these days is “evolution.” As the pace of technological growth continues to accelerate, business models and strategies that may have been “viable” in recent history have rapidly transitioned into obscurity and “obsolete-ness.” One of the best examples of dramatic infrastructural shifts occurred recently. […]

Microsoft And Amazon Are “Neck-And-Neck” In Windows Hosting

Due to the overwhelming number of options when it comes to professional hosting solutions, it should come as no surprise that this particular niche within the larger technology industry is one of the most competitive. A recent study released by Netcraft shows that Microsoft is locked in a fiercely competitive struggle with rival Amazon in […]

Web hosting groups look to fight off competition

Gone are the days where web hosting remained an elusive commodity owned by a select few companies on the internet. In today’s age of DIY everything, it’s no surprise that some of the larger hosting companies are finding themselves in stiff competition with their peers over a rapidly diminishing pool of clients and future customers. […]

Why it is important to choose the right web hosting company for your website

When an individual goes about launching their own personal website, they are usually doing so to generate an income. The website will be a valuable resource allowing you to connect with potential customers through the possible use of blogs and product information. Through the creation of a website, the business owner enters into a Web […]

Whats coming in 2014 at Cyber Host Pro

Cyber Host Pro .. A look to 2014 The story so far this year… 2013 has been an amazing year for Cyber Host Pro, we won best Independent Technology Company in our home city of Liverpool, and we’ve introduced our best ever product with our new VPS product Cloud Server which we believe is one […]

Why Cloud Hosting Is Highly Suitable For High Traffic Websites?

Are you in the process of searching for the right hosting solutions for your website? Do you want to give your website stable online presence? Do you want your website visitors to access your website without any problem even if the traffic rate should suddenly experience a spike? Then you should be considering cloud hosting […]

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