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Why Dedicated Server Hosting is an Asset for Business Owners

In the digital age, every business needs a website that’s efficient, professional, and reliable — much like the expectations their customers have of them as a company. To achieve these traits it’s vital to purchase the right web hosting service. For many businesses, the best option is dedicated servers.

We live in a time where technology steers the ship in many aspects of everyday life, not least of all in business. One of the most vital resources for company owners these days is a website, and without one they will struggle to compete effectively with rivals. There are multiple stages of creating a website, such as design and content creation, but one of the first and most essential decisions you need to make is your choice of website hosting.

There are few different types of web hosting to choose from, but in this post, we’ll be focusing on dedicated servers — and more specifically, how it can be an asset for business owners.

Fast, Efficient Dedicated Servers

As technology advances, the expectations of the modern consumer consistently increase. For example, when it comes to websites, we expect a hassle-free experience with fast loading times and effortless navigation. This is especially vital for business owners, for whom a website represents the quality of their brand. Anything below par will impact the success of their company.

Dedicated servers provide you and your customers with the fastest hosting experience on the market. This is thanks to the more powerful capabilities of physical hardware, rather than that of a virtual server (VPS hosting). Not only does this offer superior site performance, but it also means that you will benefit from 99.95% uptime — which is hugely beneficial as downtime can be a killer for businesses.

Advanced Security

The introduction of the internet has created unique and exciting opportunities, but it has also given birth to a new breed of crime. Cyber attacks have become a severe and expensive problem for businesses, costing companies billions every year. As a business owner, cybersecurity should always be a top priority, which is why dedicated servers are the perfect choice.

Firstly, a dedicated server means that you won’t be sharing a server environment with other websites, thereby protecting you from the possibility of cybersecurity issues if the other sites happen to be corrupted. Secondly, as this type of web hosting provides you with a physical server, it substantially lowers the risk of being hacked — especially because our dedicated servers are hosted in a secure data centre in Manchester.

User-Friendly Server Monitoring and Management

One of the most significant advantages of dedicated servers, aside from its unparalleled quality, is accessibility and scalability. When you purchase dedicated server hosting you will gain access to a professional control panel. This will allow you to add or remove domains, as well as let you monitor every aspect of your site’s hosting and scale up or down whenever you feel the need.

The life of a business owner is a busy one, which means it can be difficult to find the time to manage and maintain your website. Luckily for you, we offer a server management service so that you can contact our team 24 hours a day if you have any problems. This is a huge benefit for consistency, round-the-clock security and peace of mind. If you’re a business owner, this can prove to be a vital service as it prevents dips in performance and downtime — both of which have the potential to lose you customers and damage your company’s reputation.

Does your business’s website demand high-quality, reliable web hosting? Cyber Host Pro’s dedicated servers are a fast, secure, and efficient website hosting that’s difficult for other website hosting services to rival.


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