American Businesses Will Spend $13 billion on Cloud Computing

If you ever had any doubts that cloud computing was here to stay, thinking again. Recent studies have shown that American businesses are prepared and willing to invest $13 billion dollars in cloud computing during 2014. On top of that, it is currently predicted that end-user investment in cloud computing will reach $180 billion by the end of 2015. When viewing these trends within the larger framework of technological development, it’s astonishing to consider exactly how far we’ve come.

For those who don’t have a firm grasp on the in’s and out’s of cloud computing, the basic premise is quite simple. Clouds servers and allow users to store their important files and other snippets of information within an equipment-free infrastructure. Not only does this reduce the amount of hardware and software needed by consumers, it also provides a much more reliable system of storage and accessibility for users around the world.

Cloud software subscriptions are also becoming quite popular. In an effort to thwart software piracy, many companies have adopted new systems of distribution that allow customers to use specific software packages for a defined period of time. This license can be renewed indefinitely. Not only does this eliminate a large amount of piracy, it will most likely generate increase revenues for software companies over time.

Security remains an integral element of effective cloud storage practices. Due to the fact that users are storing their information on third-party servers, it becomes increasingly important for these providers to ensure that their hardware is immune to a wide range of product defects, hardware failures and malicious software attacks.

For many new businesses, the cloud offers an invaluable staging ground and storage space for an otherwise homeless business arrangement. For establish businesses, the cloud provide a means of “clutter-free” organisation and arrangement that can instantly be accessed by employees around the world. If anyone can find a problem with cloud storage, it’s almost too late to speak up. Judging by the amount of money being invested in these products, it seems that the cloud is going to hanging over our heads for quite a while.

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