American Businesses Will Spend $13 billion on Cloud Computing

If you ever had any doubts that cloud computing was here to stay, thinking again. Recent studies have shown that American businesses are prepared and willing to invest $13 billion dollars in cloud computing during 2014. On top of that, it is currently predicted that end-user investment in cloud computing will reach $180 billion by […]

Amazon Hosts Most of the Net’s Malware, Claims Security Firm

Believe it not, Amazon may not be as “clean” as you thought it was. According to the internet security firm Solutionary, the internet’s more conniving malware writers are using cloud platforms such as Amazon in order to deliver malware to internet users, many of whom are not even aware that they’ve been infected. Due to […]

Optimising WordPress

This article assumes that you already have WordPress installed on your Website Hosting space as well as have it secured. If you do not currently have WordPress locked down feel free to follow our security guide at Securing WordPress Now you’ve got your WordPress set up and toughened up, let’s continue by ensuring it’s running […]

Securing WordPress

This article assumes that you already have WordPress installed on your Website Hosting space. If you do not currently have WordPress installed feel free to follow our installation guide at WordPress Installation Now that you have WordPress installed and you’ve started customising your website, you’re probably eager to go ahead and get word of your […]

WordPress installation guide

In this example I will be installing WordPress using a Linux website hosting account, with cPanel and Softaculous application installer. Firstly, log into your cPanel account using your log on credentials. Scroll down to the “Software/Services” menu and select the “Softaculous” icon. This will bring you to the following page: This shows all applications available […]

Record Sales Due on Cyber Monday

Although the phenomena of “mass shopping” is often associated with the United States post-Thanksgiving “Black Friday,” Cyber Monday has become an equally formidable commercial boost for online retailers. In the UK, an increasing number of individuals have begun using this particular day to hunt for the best prices and bargains on gifts for the upcoming […]

Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5 released

The creators of the Plesk control panel, Parallels have released a new version of one of their most anticipated hosting solution. Parallels Plesk Automation is an industry leading control panel which allows users to get the best out of both worlds of hosting, Windows and Linux. The Plesk Automation software is a great asset for […]

How To Protect Against Web Hosting Fraud

Although the advantages of professional and affordable web hosting are too numerous to mention, it’s not uncommon for individuals to unknowingly fall prey to a variety of fraudulent schemes within the industry, creating a target-rich environment for fraudulent web hosting companies. So how can individuals protect themselves (and their bank accounts) from underhanded dealings on […]

Parallel Plesk 11.5 Upgrades

Upgrading to Parallel Plesk 11.5 can be accomplished using one of two methods, depending upon your specific setup and preferences. An in-place upgrade can be installed using the Parallels Installer located on the server in question. In order to determine if an in-place upgrade is feasible, users should first check to ensure that the OS […]

What is DDoS Attack and DDoS Protection – The Basics

For those who follow the news, it’s not uncommon to hear about recent hacking attempts made by both governments and clandestine groups. As our society becomes increasingly integrated with technological networks, the potential damage caused by malicious hacking attempts have become an increasing point of concern for businesses, individuals, and government offices in countries around […]

Features and Benefits of the new Windows Server 2012 R2

18th October 2013 will see the release of the new Windows Server 2012 R2. This latest Server has been produced with great enthusiasm by Microsoft, giving their users the highest quality product to date. The much anticipated release of the Windows R2 Sever will enable users to create their very own secure, private and hybrid […]

Web hosting centre in America goes down after a fire

GigeNET is the Chicago based company specialising in web hosting solutions who recently experienced a setback which saw their servers go down. This is the first network wide outage they have experienced since the centre first opened back in 2006. Unforeseen circumstances occurred in the Chicago, IL data centre last week but the company says […]

Why it is important to choose the right web hosting company for your website

When an individual goes about launching their own personal website, they are usually doing so to generate an income. The website will be a valuable resource allowing you to connect with potential customers through the possible use of blogs and product information. Through the creation of a website, the business owner enters into a Web […]

Whats coming in 2014 at Cyber Host Pro

Cyber Host Pro .. A look to 2014 The story so far this year… 2013 has been an amazing year for Cyber Host Pro, we won best Independent Technology Company in our home city of Liverpool, and we’ve introduced our best ever product with our new VPS product Cloud Server which we believe is one […]

Windows 8.1 Released, whats new to the end user?

Windows 8.1 has now been released in the Windows Store for users running the retail version of Windows 8. The update to their newest operating system, previously known as Windows Blue, brings many new features and tweaks to make Microsoft’s operating system the one to choose. The update goes back on the biggest controversial change that […]

Features To Look For While Selecting Your Windows Hosting

One of the crucial responsibilities that you have as a business owner when you want to take your business online is selecting the best hosting solution for your business. Not everyone is equally conversant with all the latest technologies available in the hosting industry and not everyone is aware of all the technicalities of hosting […]

Why Most People Prefer cPanel Hosting?

Even today one of the factors most website owners look for when they are choosing their web hosting service is whether the hosting service comes with cPanel. What is cPanel and why do people look for it? cPanel is the user interface tool that is integrated into the customer admin section of your hosting. cPanel […]

Why Cloud Hosting Is Highly Suitable For High Traffic Websites?

Are you in the process of searching for the right hosting solutions for your website? Do you want to give your website stable online presence? Do you want your website visitors to access your website without any problem even if the traffic rate should suddenly experience a spike? Then you should be considering cloud hosting […]

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