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Features of Dedicated Windows Servers and Their Advantages

Windows Dedicated Servers: Management and Organisation With Control Panel The efficiency and outstanding quality of Windows dedicated servers make them an extremely beneficial service for website owners. One of the most vital aspects that make it such an appealing service is the ability to manage and organise your server with ease. With a professional control […]

Features of Dedicated Linux Servers and Their Advantages

Linux Dedicated Servers: Management and Organisation With Control Panel As the digital age continues to evolve, we are continually provided with more advanced and intelligent technology, which can be used for large-scale projects or simple online tasks. No matter the purpose of your website, it’s vital to ensure that you have the means to manage […]

Dedicated VPS Servers

An Essential Guide to Dedicated VPS Servers Although VPS server hosting may not fall under the same umbrella as Windows and Linux dedicated servers, they do share some of the same attributes that can be a huge benefit to website owners. If you imagine a scale where shared hosting (in which multiple websites share one […]

Dedicated Linux Servers

Your Essential Guide to Linux Dedicated Servers Thanks to the advancement and increased accessibility of modern technology, tasks that used to be more difficult and reserved for the technically gifted, such as building a website, are now relatively simple. There’s a lot to consider in regards to design and content, but before you pick a […]

Dedicated Windows Servers

Your Essential Guide to Windows Dedicated Servers One of the biggest decisions when creating a website will always be your choice of website hosting. While you could opt for shared hosting or VPS servers, dedicated hosting is undoubtedly the most advanced and efficient option. If you’re a website owner who strives for quality, efficiency and […]

Dedicated Servers Knowledge Base

Dedicated Server Hosting: Everything You Need to Know Here, the experts at Cyber Host Pro reveal everything you should know about the various types of dedicated server hosting, including their features and advantages, to help you make the right decision when choosing web hosting for your site. Different Types of Dedicated Servers Dedicated Windows Servers […]

Windows Dedicated Servers: Management and Organisation With Control Panel

The efficiency and outstanding quality of Windows dedicated servers make them an extremely beneficial service for website owners. One of the most vital aspects that make it such an appealing service is the ability to manage and organise your server with ease. With a professional control panel at your fingertips, you’ll be able to maintain […]

Vital Web Hosting Needs for Successful E-Commerce

E-commerce has completely revolutionised the retail industry and opened the door for a new wave of small businesses. Your choice of web hosting is essential for any website, but for e-commerce, it will have a direct impact on your ability to make money. The introduction of the internet and the way it’s been implemented into […]

Pay with Apple Pay

  Cyber Host Pro now support Apple Pay.   Apple Pay allows you to pay with Macbook Pro 2016+, Apple iPhone or AppleWatch.   If you need help setting up Apple Pay on your device visit this guide When ordering items you will see Apple Pay as an option for a payment method, choosing this […]

Browser Push notifications

  Cyber Host Pro now support browser push notifications when using supported desktop web browsers.   We recommend all customers select “YES PLEASE” when greeted with the above message.  We will send you notifications such as:   Support ticket response Invoice paid notifications Support ticket replies Client account login (including the IP address) Client account […]

Social Media Login set-up guide

Cyber Host Pro now supports social media logins. You can now login or signup using Social Media logins such as Facebook, Google or Twitter. Current customers can set this up by visiting Portal at Once you are on the portal page, next to the login window click the social media platform icon (such as […]

VPS Dedicated Server Hosting: Manage and Organise Using Control Panel

No matter the purpose of your website, whether it’s for business, blogging, or anything else, you need a web hosting service that’s capable of catering for your needs and ensuring that you stay online. There are a variety of different web hosting services, all of which have their pros and cons, but the advantages of […]

How Bad Web Hosting Services Will Sabotage Your Blog

For most bloggers, their main priority will be the quality of content and how professional their website looks. Your choice of web hosting, however, is also something that needs to be addressed. Blogging has been around for quite some time now. What first began as a way to keep a digital journal has now evolved […]

4 Things Businesses Need to Know About Website Hosting Services

Modern technology has changed the face of the business world — and for a company to succeed in the digital age, a website is essential. Before you can get your business website online, you’ll need web hosting, so it’s a good idea to know a thing or two before you choose website hosting services. While […]

Why Paid SSL is better than Free SSL certificate?

Introduction Internet security is very crucial since the platform is generally prone to unauthorized access, identity thefts, and interference of sensitive information. This is calls for appropriate security measures. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is one such security measure. It is a worldwide standard security technology system that allows for the encryption of communication between […]

How to Tell if Your Blog’s Suffering from Poor Web Hosting Services

There are many aspects of a website that has the potential to make your blog suffer. Most would assume it’s purely down to the content you upload, but one of the most vital decisions you can make is your choice of website hosting services. Maintaining a successful blog requires much more than writing some high-quality […]

Why You Need to Re-Evaluate Your Web Hosting Needs this Summer

Many people will alter, update and rebrand their website from time to time. Web hosting, on the other hand, is an aspect of a site that isn’t re-evaluated enough, or at all in some cases. Summertime is an exciting time for any website owner or blogger. Seasonal content, outreach campaigns, or designing your site with […]

4 Key Reasons to Join a Web Hosting Affiliate Scheme

If you’re a website owner or blogger looking to make some extra money from your site, a web hosting affiliate scheme is an ideal way of doing so. Interested in signing up? Here are a few of the benefits of doing so. Here at Cyber Host Pro, we have an affiliate scheme that provides website […]

Why Reseller Hosting is One of the Easiest Ways to Make Money Online

In the modern era, a website has many different purposes. Whether or not it’s been created for business purposes, reseller hosting is a way in which website owners can make money from their site with minimal effort. The internet and other forms of modern technology have given us an abundance of ways to easily communicate […]

4 Security Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog post, you will already be aware of what website hosting is. If you’re currently looking for the right web hosting provider for your site, there are a few cyber security aspects to consider. Just like any other industry these days, web hosting is in no way monopolised by one […]

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