5 Reasons Why a Website is Vital for Startup Success

While small businesses are continuing to conduct an all-out assault on the modern market, startups are glimpses into the future of business via new products, services and ideas. To be successful you’ll need a website, and to do so you’ll need website hosting.

The term “startup” is relatively new and is used to describe a company (or an idea, at least) that’s taking baby steps and looking to establish itself amidst a suitable industry. The digital era and all the technological advances that it has produced has made business and the inventing process more accessible to just about everyone.

Many of these startups are technology or online-based, due to the influx of modern tech into nearly every industry you can think of. This means that all startups and small businesses will need a website — and to have a website, you’ll need web hosting.

Not convinced? Here are five reasons why web hosting is an essential part of creating a successful website for a startup.

1. Minimal Cost With Unlimited Potential

As a business owner or soon-to-be business owner, your primary concern will pretty much always be money; whether it’s the cost of maintaining your current momentum, saving for the future, or the cost of a new venture. As you’ll probably know, a website is a business essential these days, but fortunately for you, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

A website can cost as little or as much as you want it to, depending on your requirements as a business and how much you’re willing to spend. The bare minimum you’ll need is website hosting to provide you with web space and bandwidth, and domain registration to obtain the custom domain of your choice (usually the company or product name).

You can get hold of both for an excellent price and, while it’s always a smart move to find ways of saving money as a business owner, you should never buy cheap in this area. High-quality web hosting can be purchased for an excellent price, so never risk it with poor hosts.

2. Focus on Branding

Branding is in no way a new thing. Companies have established themselves as brands for years; the difference is that in the modern business world, it has become imperative to do so — and to do it well. Startups, small businesses, large organisations, even celebrities are making steps to become and refine a brand image, and a website is the rally-point for your brand’s followers.

Your website is the creative space in which you can speak directly to the target audience of your startup. Its value is immeasurable because of the potential it has to boost your brand awareness. Your site reflects who you are as a brand, so take the time to design and create it accordingly. A sloppy website is a sloppy brand.

Website hosting services not only give you the web space to host and establish your brand, but it allows you the creative freedom to provide your audience with something unique and in keeping with your ideology.

Using a company name is always useful as this is what people will be most likely to search for. And if you’re looking to focus on a particular market such as UK residents, then a .co.uk domain will prove to be beneficial.

3. Your Competitors Will Have Websites

If there’s one point from this post that should stick in your mind the most, it’s this: your competitors will have websites. That alone should give you plenty of motivation to get your own site up and running. Without one, you’re allowing them to dominate the market or niche that you’re attempting to take by storm.

With such a high volume of people spending hours and hours online every day, a website is your best chance of attracting new people to your brand and building a loyal customer base. Your competitor’s website may have a poor design and clunky load-up times, but if they have a site and you don’t, they will always be at least one step ahead.

4. Access to the Online Market

Internet-based retail, or ‘eCommerce’, has completely revolutionised the way people do their shopping, whether it’s everyday items or larger, more expensive purchases. From a customer standpoint, it has made shopping a quick and easy task that can be handled from your armchair, bedroom, or anywhere else that happens to have WiFi.

For business owners, eCommerce has opened up a new door of possibilities and the potential to make a lot of money. If you have a physical product or a service that can be sold online, a website for eCommerce is essential for your company.

Although eCommerce will take up more of your time and effort as it entails a lot more than an average site, it’s also another arrow in your company’s quiver and another reason for customers to choose your brand rather than a competitor.

Cyber Host Pro’s website hosting services are the perfect way to get your eCommerce site up and running, as you’ll have access to the most up-to-date hardware and our outstanding customer service will make sure to take care of any issues you have quickly and efficiently. This will limit the time in which your customers are affected by any technical issues you may have.

5. You Haven’t Got a Website. Really?

For a business of any type, whether you are just starting out or a big-name brand, a website is more than a crucial aspect of a company; it’s what the modern market has come to expect.

Without a website, your target audience will be denied the service that’s offered to them by your competitors, therefore making you seem like a weaker brand. When you consider how little it costs to get a website off the ground and the benefits it will provide you with, not having a site is really bad for business and severely limits your potential.

Cyber Host Pro offers a variety of different web hosting packages, all of which can be scaled to suit your needs and provide you with the best site possible. You should also check out our domain registration service to make sure you reserve your chosen domain name before someone else does.

As a startup owner in the digital world, you will most likely be familiar with modern tech and all things ‘online’. Just think how many different websites you visit on a daily basis, many of which will be for specific products or services, some of which began as startups.To follow in the footsteps of other successful startups before you, it will take a lot of hard work and dedication, but you’ll also need to get on board with the online movement. Doing so will always require a website.

If you’re interested in any of the website hosting services we offer or want to know more about how we can help you get your startup’s website up and running, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Cyber Host Pro via our contact page.

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Chris is a British businessman, Chris started in the hosting business in 2001 at the age of 15. The business was re-branded to Cyber Host Pro in 2003 and has since grown to have thousands of customers around the world who trust Cyber Host Pro to manage their web hosting and servers.

Chris Danks

Chris is a British businessman, Chris started in the hosting business in 2001 at the age of 15. The business was re-branded to Cyber Host Pro in 2003 and has since grown to have thousands of customers around the world who trust Cyber Host Pro to manage their web hosting and servers.

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