Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5 released

The creators of the Plesk control panel, Parallels have released a new version of one of their most anticipated hosting solution. Parallels Plesk Automation is an industry leading control panel which allows users to get the best out of both worlds of hosting, Windows and Linux.

The Plesk Automation software is a great asset for people across the whole hosting spectrum – from the server administrators, through resellers all the way down to the end user. Server administrators get the added desirability of having both platforms rolled up into one package; the same also goes for the resellers of this service.

All this may sound complicated to get setup; however Parallels have promised an easy setup, similar to that of Plesk. The components required are simply a Linux server for the control panel – and then you can mix and match your server “farms” to contain as many Linux and Windows nodes as you like. Adding nodes is a simple straight forward process which takes just minutes when set up via the Plesk admin interface. This easy scaling allows you to add hundreds of servers configured how you like to support thousands of customers.

In addition to adding Windows and Linux servers to your server farm, you can also add dedicated service nodes, such as database servers (MySQL and MSSQL), email, and DNS servers. This range of flexibility gives customers the choice of their preferred mail server software, for example SmarterMail may be installed on one of the servers, and Microsoft Exchange on another bringing another level of diversity to the hosting environment.

As expected with the Parallels Plesk control panel, resellers can completely rebrand their control panel and set up specific hosting packages. Further to this however, the reseller can also offer “premium” nodes, where their customers can be hosted, or standard nodes. This allows them to give priority packages to customers which are on less crowded nodes.

So what does this mean to the end user? Well, the end user has an easy to use and hopefully familiar interface as it’s using a control panel extremely similar to Plesk – with only minor changes for the cross platform options. In addition to this the user also has more flexibility – they aren’t tied down to their first choice, forever regretting this earlier decision. An all too common situation would be users with a multiple websites – What if one website’s created using .NET, and another using a PHP CMS such as WordPress? In traditional hosting the user would have to choose a Windows Environment – now however they have the power to put the .NET website on Windows servers and to keep performance of WordPress optimal, that website on the Linux servers.

Don’t be mistaken as considering all the aforementioned advantages you may think the prices would take a heavy increase over the traditional environments – in truth the dedicated service nodes saves a ton on licensing costs of software. Database, Mail exchange, and even certain DNS servers can all incur a licensing cost – It’s possible due to the capabilities of Plesk Automation to cut down these costs. Each and every mail server requires special licensing such as Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus, now the host doesn’t need to provide separate server for Linux and Windows they can then pass the savings down to customers via those all-important discounted prices.

Cyber Host Pro will be releasing new plans in 2014 with Parallels Plesk Automation will replace all of our current website hosting plans. More details on this will be released when Parallels Plesk automation fully supports the latest Windows Server 2012, and Server 2012 R2 (IIS 8+) technologies.

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