Parallel Plesk 11.5 Upgrades

Upgrading to Parallel Plesk 11.5 can be accomplished using one of two methods, depending upon your specific setup and preferences. An in-place upgrade can be installed using the Parallels Installer located on the server in question. In order to determine if an in-place upgrade is feasible, users should first check to ensure that the OS installed on the server is compatible with the target Plesk version. Additionally, OS support must not have been discontinued under the Plesk Lifecycle Policy.

For those who cannot use the in-place upgrade features, a transfer upgrade can be accomplished by switching to the most recent version of Plesk, a process which requires the transfer of all configuration files from the Plesk server currently being used to a server which runs on the latest version of the Parallels Installer.

Before beginning the installation of the upgrade, users should first check to make sure that an upgrade is possible. The following requirements must be met before an upgrade can be installed:

1.) The OS currently being used by the server is still supported and is not approaching a termination date. If the termination date is approaching, it is advised that individuals pursue an upgrade by transfer instead.

2.) The server must be able to satisfy the system requirements of the new target version. Additionally, all installed software on the server must be compatible with the new target version.

3.) The version of Plesk currently being used must support upgrades.

4.) Four gigabytes of disk space must be available.

5.) The system package manager must be properly configured on Linux hosting systems to install packages from the OS vendor.

6.) MySQL must be the database provider for the Plesk configuration database on Windows systems.

After verifying these requirements, users should install the pre-upgrade checker to finalise these arrangements. The upgrade should be scheduled for a time when server load is relatively low, allowing for minimal impact on users during server downtime.

The actual upgrade can be installed using Parallels Installer’s web interface or the most recent Autoinstaller for your OS. For Windows users, it is not necessary to maintain a constant internet connection during upgrade. In the event of a lost connection, Windows will preserve the installation process and keep the application functioning.

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