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Launching and sustaining a website is not simply about registering with a reputed CMS. It is rather easy to prepare a basic website but handling the backend operations is not in your hands here. For this, you will need to hire a website hosting service. Now the question that follows this is how does managed hosting serve the purpose as opposed to creating websites? Web hosting gives you more control of your website in terms of security and customisation. I had made the mistake of registering for free on a CMS service website for my photography blog. The setback was that I could only maneuver the functions to a certain extent after which, I had to rely on the acquired host server. As the scale of my operations increased, I needed to launch several websites at once for a couple of other services. It made sense to own a server space; that way I would assume better control over the server operations to redirect traffic.

I had made up my mind to opt for Joomla hosting, as this CMS service had the facilities and operations I needed to manage my websites. Host facilities gave me access to innumerable tools for managing security, scalability, and performance of the hosted websites. In spite of these added benefits, I had my doubts about devoting time to manage all these operations. The provider assured that the team would carry out server management on my behalf. I only had to request for implementable custom features and the team would be more than willing to make them possible for me.

For cost effective management of websites, the provider suggested UK Cloud VPS Servers, which would mean that I would be sharing server space with others. However, the biggest advantage would be that I would have an independent operating system for the same, which gave me the freedom to enable innumerable software applications for use. The end costs were also very feasible such that the total budget came to a very reasonable price. I even had some spare expenses towards the end of every month, in spite of my investments.

The provider had amazing customized packages for all their hosting services. Even the advanced plans for business use were inexpensive compared to what other providers quoted. I also had the option of purchasing IP addresses, OS licenses, and backup facilities independently, all of which hardly made any difference in the overall budget. Such custom facilities truly made me feel lucky about considering host services for managing my websites.

My websites featured on the web a couple of months later. By then, I had also sorted SEO services to ensure that the content received proper recognition online. That coupled with tools for internet marketing largely boosted my business. All my services including dance music, video, photography, and nail art gradually became popular, even among the unknown crowd. People from all over the world had begun to revert with amazing feedback regarding my facilities. I had to hire email support separately to cope with the incoming traffic of emails, which had doubled up within six months of launching the websites.

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