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Domain Registration Tips: How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name

A domain name represents your internet legacy. It’s how people find you and it will affect the way they remember you. With that in mind, it’s worth putting in a bit of effort before committing to a label for your website. It may be daunting, but the domain registration experts at Cyber Host Pro are here to guide you through everything you need to consider before selecting a domain name.

Domain Registration Tips

Keep it Simple

There’s an old rule in visual media titled ‘KISS’. It stands for ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’. While we would never call you that ourselves, it’s a good rule of thumb for anything creative. That includes the process of domain registration, as your domain is the first thing people associate with your brand. Think about simplifying the length, spelling, and pronunciation of your domain as much as possible.

Domain Name Length

Think of the most popular websites on the internet. How many characters make up their domain name? According to research, the top 250 sites have an average domain length of just over seven characters.

Short domain names leave little room for spelling errors, and they are also snappy enough to be easily remembered. If you can aim for two syllables, that’s even better.

Easy Pronunciation

Despite the technological revolution, people still occasionally talk in person. When they inevitably start chatting about your new website, make sure it’s an easy exchange. If people can’t pronounce your domain name, they’ll either get it wrong or give up entirely.

There’s also the possibility that people won’t want to spread it via word of mouth because they’re embarrassed about not being able to pronounce it. If your brand name is complicated or technical, find a new angle to approach your domain registration.

Research has shown that businesses with simpler names tend to perform better in the stock market, and even people with easily pronounceable names have higher positions at work. If you want your website to thrive, it’s a good idea to follow suit and keep it simple.

Simple Spelling

You don’t want to jeopardise your chances of being shared around by having a domain name that’s hard to spell. Think of the youngest potential visitor to your website and ask yourself: “Would they be able to spell my domain name?” If the answer is no, you need to simplify it.

Stay on Brand

If your website is your digital shopfront, your domain name is the sign hanging above it. You might be tempted to go with something whacky or clever, but it’s always best to stick closely to your branding.

This is sometimes easier said than done. With so many internet users snapping up the best domain names every day, yours might already be taken. If that’s the case, try adopting a different top-level domain.

Top-Level Domains

A top-level domain (or TLD) is the bit that comes after the dot. The most common example, of course, is “.com”, but there are plenty of alternative TLDs. You can even make them location-specific, such as “.london” or “.wales”.

If you’re having trouble finding a suitable “.com” address for your blog or business, a fresh TLD could be the perfect solution.

Avoid Legal Issues of Domain Registration

When browsing through available domain names, you might come across one that would suit an existing brand. Instead of snapping it up in the hope of making money and selling it on, you should consider the potential legal issues. If the domain name contains trademarked words, you might be infringing on intellectual property law.

Of course, if you have a legitimate reason to use trademarked terms in your domain name, then there’s no real problem. If a major corporation does come after you and you think it’s unfair, you should consult a lawyer.

It might be tempting to claim a bit of highly-sought after internet real estate, but it’s best avoided. At best, you might be able to keep hold of the domain. At worst, you could have a serious legal battle on your hands. Domain registration should be a fun, creative process — not a race to the courthouse.

Final Things to Consider:

You’re well on your way to crafting the perfect domain name, so it’s almost time to consider your web hosting options. Before that stage, however, there are a couple of extra things you should consider before signing on the dotted line.

Avoid hyphens

You might think it’s necessary in order to get a short, relevant domain name, but avoid hyphens at all costs. They make saying your domain out loud more long-winded, and they’re easily confused with other punctuation. Avoid ambiguity wherever possible when creating a new domain name, whether it’s the spelling, pronunciation or punctuation.

Check for double meanings

We’ve all seen some hilarious examples of domain names that can be read two ways. Your company name might look fine written down on a letterhead, but when it’s condensed into a domain, it might look very different. Check, check and check again that your domain name isn’t rude or offensive, or you might find your website going viral for all the wrong reasons.

There’s a lot more to domain registration than people think, but hopefully this guide has helped you on your way. If you’re feeling inspired to come up with a short and sweet domain name, visit Cyber Host Pro and take advantage of our vast selection of TLDs. We also offer great web hosting packages, so you can get your website up and running with the minimum amount of stress.

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Chris is a British businessman, Chris started in the hosting business in 2001 at the age of 15. The business was re-branded to Cyber Host Pro in 2003 and has since grown to have thousands of customers around the world who trust Cyber Host Pro to manage their web hosting and servers.

Chris Danks

Chris is a British businessman, Chris started in the hosting business in 2001 at the age of 15. The business was re-branded to Cyber Host Pro in 2003 and has since grown to have thousands of customers around the world who trust Cyber Host Pro to manage their web hosting and servers.

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