How Bad Web Hosting Services Will Sabotage Your Blog

For most bloggers, their main priority will be the quality of content and how professional their website looks. Your choice of web hosting, however, is also something that needs to be addressed.

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Blogging has been around for quite some time now. What first began as a way to keep a digital journal has now evolved into a powerful marketing tool and potential career path. One of the first tasks all bloggers need to tick off when creating their blog is to purchase web hosting services. Doing so gives you the necessary bandwidth and web space to get your site up and running.

In the early days of writing a blog, you may have been understandably reluctant to spend money on any aspect of it. This can lead to the decision to buy the cheapest website hosting you can find. Unfortunately, the only benefit of doing so is that it saves you money, which is outweighed by the abundance of issues poor web hosting can create for your blog.

Let’s take a closer look at the ways that bad web hosting can sabotage your blog, along with the steps you can steer your blog clear of these harmful issues.

Slow Loading Times Frustrate Readers

Our generation has become accustomed to a certain quality of technology — and an issue that we seem to be less forgiving about these days is long loading times for websites. Whether it’s just impatience or the fact that it brings back bad memories of horrendously slow dial-up internet, the longer a website takes to load, the more visitors you’ll lose.

Frustrating your readers with slow loading times will only serve to drive potential readers away and creative a negative perception around your blog. In an era where websites load in a matter of milliseconds, if yours takes longer, you’re encouraging readers to go somewhere else for their content needs. If this is only a short-term issue, it can be forgiven, but as time goes on, people will become bored of waiting and abandon you.

Here at Cyber Host Pro, we invest in the best web hosting technology to make sure our customers get the highest quality of web hosting service possible. We understand the frustrations of a slow-loading site and strive to make sure all of our web hosting plans offer nothing but the best in regards to technology and the service of our team.

Too Much Downtime is a Killer

Although a slow website does reduce the chance of attaining and retaining readers, you do still have a site, which isn’t the case if you’re blog is suffering a bout of unexpected downtime. This can be a symptom of poor website hosting, caused by the fact that your current host or service can’t handle the amount of incoming traffic, or just doesn’t have the necessary server space to suit your needs. Either way, it’s not good news and something you shouldn’t be experiencing.

For businesses, downtime can severely harm their company due to loss of revenue or marketing capabilities. For bloggers, it may not have such a dramatic effect, but if you’re trying to build a brand, it can severely hinder your progress. What’s more, if your blog is a primary source of income for you, then it will obviously impact your ability to make money.

Bad Web Hosting Invites Cyber Security Issues

The digital age has given birth to many technological marvels, but unfortunately, it has also provided the platform and opportunity for cyber crime to spread. Cyber security has become increasingly crucial as modern tech has continued to advance, especially as we are now far more trusting with financial information online.

Bloggers may not have the same worries of a business during a cyber attack, such as the loss of client information or secure financial records, but your time and effort creating a blog stands to be undone. If your site appears to have been hacked, your readers will instantly be concerned about cyber security and the risk of them being baited into an attack. You could also suffer from damage to reputation if anything unsavoury is posted on your site without your control or ability to remove it.

Using Bad Web Hosting? Expect Poor Customer Service in Times of Need

When it comes to good or bad website hosting services, you have to look at everything that’s going on — and a significant part of what makes a hosting provider great is the customer service it comes with. It’s the quality of customer service and quick action that will get you out of a jam and, if you’re investing very little in your web hosting, don’t expect a useful level of customer service to be available to you.

Here at Cyber Host Pro, we have a 24/7 live chat system available so that any time of day, if your website should run into trouble, we are here to make sure that you are up and running in no time at all. We also have 24-hour ticket support, for which the response time is usually within 30 minutes. So, no long waits stressing about the future of your blog; just quick and efficient web hosting solutions.

Is your blog experiencing any of the issues mentioned in this post? There’s a good chance the culprit could be your web hosting service. Cyber Host Pro offers the highest quality in website hosting technology and customer service for an incredibly reasonable price.

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