Record Sales Due on Cyber Monday

Although the phenomena of “mass shopping” is often associated with the United States post-Thanksgiving “Black Friday,” Cyber Monday has become an equally formidable commercial boost for online retailers. In the UK, an increasing number of individuals have begun using this particular day to hunt for the best prices and bargains on gifts for the upcoming […]

Parallels Plesk Automation 11.5 released

The creators of the Plesk control panel, Parallels have released a new version of one of their most anticipated hosting solution. Parallels Plesk Automation is an industry leading control panel which allows users to get the best out of both worlds of hosting, Windows and Linux. The Plesk Automation software is a great asset for […]

How To Protect Against Web Hosting Fraud

Although the advantages of professional and affordable web hosting are too numerous to mention, it’s not uncommon for individuals to unknowingly fall prey to a variety of fraudulent schemes within the industry, creating a target-rich environment for fraudulent web hosting companies. So how can individuals protect themselves (and their bank accounts) from underhanded dealings on […]

Parallel Plesk 11.5 Upgrades

Upgrading to Parallel Plesk 11.5 can be accomplished using one of two methods, depending upon your specific setup and preferences. An in-place upgrade can be installed using the Parallels Installer located on the server in question. In order to determine if an in-place upgrade is feasible, users should first check to ensure that the OS […]

What is DDoS Attack and DDoS Protection – The Basics

For those who follow the news, it’s not uncommon to hear about recent hacking attempts made by both governments and clandestine groups. As our society becomes increasingly integrated with technological networks, the potential damage caused by malicious hacking attempts have become an increasing point of concern for businesses, individuals, and government offices in countries around […]

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