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The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol is the Web standard for encrypting communications between users and e-commerce sites. Data sent via an SSL connection is protected by encryption, a mechanism that prevents eavesdropping and tampering with any transmitted data.

SSL Certificates

What is SSL? Why Do We Need It?

Technology has advanced massively in the last decade. We are now at the stage where most people store important and personal information online. This information undoubtedly requires protection, or else anyone on the web with basic IT knowledge could potentially access it. Without the incorporation of SSL, anything from your passwords to your bank account information could be easily accessed. Implementing SSL into a website makes it secure, and protects the customer’s personal information. It is completely understandable that a majority of customers will now refuse to place trust in a website that lacks SSL encryption, and as a result of that loss of trust, they won’t do business with them. Using SSL ensures that the customer feels reassured about the protection of their information. It is crucial to securely and effectively run a business.

An SSL certificate secures user data by encrypting the information. A secure connection is created by an SSL domain when each individual inputs information. If domain certificates are absent on your website, ultimately users will not upload their information or do business with you. People will not shop on your site; this is just because your visitors don’t feel reassured enough to input their information onto your website. To sum it up quickly, an SSL certificate is necessary if you wish to carry out business on the web. Ask yourself this: Would you ever want to buy something from an unsecured site?

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Every single type of SSL certificate domain validation will ensure the connection linking your server and the customer’s device is secure. A certificate authority provides the SSL certificate for your website and therefore deals with the security for the website as a whole. They need to ensure you are able to support security of user data, hence the reason for verification and background checks.

Domain level SSL certificates have two benefits. They are affordable, and they don’t require that much background checking. The authority that provides your certificate will ensure that you are eligible to request the certificate for your website.

Bear in mind that extra background checking is more expensive. The price difference between basic SSL packages and extended validation certificates can be steep. If you’re just starting out, and require basic protection, then domain level protection is fine for you.

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No SSL = No customer trust, which inevitably leads to a decrease in business. Extended and organization SSL certificates are more in-depth than domain level protection, which is very basic.

The authority that provides the certificate will conduct checks that verify the existence of your business, ensuring that you can support and maintain an appropriate amount of customer trust. If you desire a high level of trust from your customers, but you’re not keen on paying lots of money for extended validation, organization validation is the best option.

  • Prior to issuing the certificate, the company will run a background check on your business which is crucial for your customers. It is thorough enough to assure customers that you are who you say you are.
  • Organization validation provides the expected level of security for users in order for them to be reassured that their data is safe.
  • Organization validation isn’t as thorough as extended validation; therefore there is a possibility that it could be processed much quicker.
  • When people go onto your website, they will be able to see the validation confirmation in the form of a security seal. By clicking on it, a customer can read the information that confirms your business is what it’s meant to be, and most importantly that they can trust you with their data.
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Extended Validation – from £179.99 / year
The one feature that makes extended validation SSL certificates different is that it is designed to be incredibly thorough in order to inaugurate customer trust and establish legitimacy of your business. There is actually a set process for verifying extended validation SSL certificates, which establishes uniformity across all businesses undergoing the process, this increases customer trust even further.
  • Firstly they will verify that you are what you say you are.
  • The authority that issues the certificate will check that you’re the information about your business corresponds to government records and more from other establishments. This further enhances trust.
  • To acquire an extended validation certificate, you’ll need to prove that you have the rights to your specific domain.
  • The authority that provides the certificate will check that it was your business that authorized the certificate, as you are the only one who can.
Due to all of these checks, extended validation SSL certificates take longer to be issued. There is just too much information to obtain to be able to process it quickly. This type of SSL protection isn’t for people who just want quick, easy and basic protection. This is for people who want to fully invest in something to prove to your customers that you are 100% committed to security.

At the end of the term, extended validation certificates get renewed. This makes sure that your business continues to satisfy the requirements that allow you to have this certification.

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We Offer You a Choice

You will have a choice of extended validation SSL certificates. Each one will have a different effect on how trustworthy your site is considered to be.

If you decide to choose an inexpensive extended validation SSL provider that is not very well-known, you could face the repercussions of your site flagging up on browsers as unsafe. This will have a big impact on customer trust for your business.

Why Cyber Host Pro Should Be Your Choice for SSL Certificates

At Cyber Host Pro we understand that extended validation certificates are very costly. We offer these certificates at a lower price than our competitors (?). If you are unsure on what provider issues the certificate your company requires, then we offer comparison options to make sure you get the certificate that is right for you and your company. The main feature that makes Cyber Host Pro stand out is that we promise to provide market-leading customer support for every client. We are aware that extended validation certification can be very confusing. That’s why we have a 24/7 support service that allows us to deal with any of your SSL certificate issues or queries very quickly. We will stand by you throughout the whole process, ensuring that you are satisfied.

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