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Build a virtual server to your exact requirements

The power is now in your hands! You can now build your own cloud server with Cyber Host Pro and only pay for what you use.

Use the service below to check on your costs, You can upgrade between level’s at anytime.

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VPS – Cloud Servers

High Availability

High Availability

If in the unlikely event one of our hardware nodes was to crash and go down our auto heal technology would detect your server is down and automatically boot your cloud servers back up on another available hardware node

SAN Data Replication

SAN Disk Replication

Your cloud server is automatically replicated live to 2 storage devices, this gives you piece of mind that if a data drive became corrupt or had to be replaced, your data would not be lost and would automatically sync once the drive has been replaced.

Operating Systems


We have a range of operating systems, if you choose windows we have Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012 and Windows 2012 R2. On Linux we have Centos 5/6, CloudLinux 6, Red hat Enterprise, Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo and Fedora .

Web Control Panels

Web Control Panel

We offer licenses for Plesk (unlimited domains) for Windows or Linux, and WHM/CPanel (unlimited domains) for Linux. You are welcome to install any other control panel of your choice on the servers

Server management

Multi Server Hosting

You will manage your own server so you will have full access. If your server is running the Windows OS, you will have access over remote desktop. If your server is running Linux OS you can use SSH to remotely access your server

Upgrade at anytime

Upgrade at Anytime

As your requirements change you may need to upgrade your server, you can upgrade your package or resources at anytime. You can find the tools within your server control panel to upgrade your resources and add IP Addresses.

Cloud Builder

Be more powerful. Use the slider to select your perfect Cloud VPS Server plan

    • CPU:1 X 2.5ghz
    • RAM:1GB
    • Diskspace:30GB
    • Bandwidth:500GB
    • OS Available: Windows or Linux
    • Uplink Included:1Gbit

    Pay Monthly£15.00

    Pay Yearly£165.00

    • CPU:2 X 2.5ghz
    • RAM:2GB
    • Diskspace:75GB
    • Bandwidth:1TB
    • OS Available: Windows or Linux
    • Uplink Included:1Gbit

    Pay Monthly£30.00

    Pay Yearly£330.00

    • CPU:3 X 2.5ghz
    • RAM:3GB
    • Diskspace:100GB
    • Bandwidth:1.5TB
    • OS Available: Windows or Linux
    • Uplink Included:1Gbit

    Pay Monthly£45.00

    Pay Yearly£495.00

    • CPU:4 X 2.5ghz
    • RAM:4GB
    • Diskspace:125GB
    • Bandwidth:2TB
    • OS Available: Windows or Linux
    • Uplink Included:1Gbit

    Pay Monthly£65.00

    Pay Yearly£715.00

    • CPU:5 X 2.5ghz
    • RAM:5GB
    • Diskspace:150GB
    • Bandwidth:2.5TB
    • OS Available: Windows or Linux
    • Uplink Included:1Gbit

    Pay Monthly£80.00

    Pay Yearly£880.00

    • CPU:6 X 2.5ghz
    • RAM:6GB
    • Diskspace:175GB
    • Bandwidth:3TB
    • OS Available: Windows or Linux
    • Uplink Included:1Gbit

    Pay Monthly£110.00

    Pay Yearly£1210.00

    • CPU:7 X 2.5ghz
    • RAM:7GB
    • Diskspace:200GB
    • Bandwidth:3.5TB
    • OS Available: Windows or Linux
    • Uplink Included:1Gbit

    Pay Monthly£140.00

    Pay Yearly£1540.00

    • CPU:8 X 2.5ghz
    • RAM:8GB
    • Diskspace:250GB
    • Bandwidth:4TB
    • OS Available: Windows or Linux
    • Uplink Included:1Gbit

    Pay Monthly£160.00

    Pay Yearly£1760.00

    • CPU:9 X 2.5ghz
    • RAM:9GB
    • Diskspace:300GB
    • Bandwidth:4.5TB
    • OS Available: Windows or Linux
    • Uplink Included:1Gbit

    Pay Monthly£180.00

    Pay Yearly£1980.00

    • CPU:10 X 2.5ghz
    • RAM:10GB
    • Diskspace:350GB
    • Bandwidth:5TB
    • OS Available: Windows or Linux
    • Uplink Included:1Gbit

    Pay Monthly£200.00

    Pay Yearly£2200.00

    Available to all

    Each of our VPS plans come with the following additional capabilities for free of charge

    • DDOS Protected DNS
    • Access to our Global CDN*
    • Can Build Multiple Servers
    • Diskspace Replication
    • High Availability

      *CDN Is free to setup, but costs 3p per GB bandwidth to use.
      All Level’s come with 1 FREE IP Address per account

    Additional Extra’s

    We also offer additional services for our VPS plans a a very small cost.

    • IP Address’s each – £2.00
    • Windows License (Per Server) – £5.00
    • Extra Standard Diskspace (per GB) – £0.35p
    • SSD Diskspace (per GB) – £1.00
    • Extra CPU – £10.00
    • Extra Ram ( Per GB) – £10.00


    We can take automated backups regually for you.

    • Daily Backup – £5.00 + backup space
    • Weekly Backup – £5.00 + backup space
    • Monthly Backup – £5.00 + backup space
    • Annually Backup – £5.00 + backup space
    • Backups Space (per GB) (Cloud Level 1-5) – £0.50p Month
    • Backup Space (per GB) (Cloud Level 6-10) – £0.40p Month

    Add Ons

    Windows licenses – £5

    We have 3 Versions of Microsoft Windows available including 2008 R2, 2012 and 2012 R2.

    Plesk Licenses – £8

    Plesk Control Panel unlimited domains edition is available for just £8 a month for either windows or Linux.

    CPanel Licenses – £8

    WHM/CPanel is just £8 a month and is available for Linux operating systems only.

    Cloud Linux Licenses – from £6.50

    We offer Cloud Linux which is an add-on to the Centos operating system, it turns your CPanel or Plesk hosting in to a secure and fast hosting environment .

    What people said about our VPS Server Plans


    Mark Williamson

    “The cost to service ratio of Cyber Host Pro is like no other. There are lots of hosts out there that cost a lot more and give a lot less. When we had outgrown our Reseller Hosting, the guys at Cyber Host Pro were incredibly helpful and efficient moving us over to our shiny new Cloud Server. The transition was seamless!”



    “I have been very pleased with the Cyberhostpro services we’ve had for the last 7 years. The journey has been tension free and I am glad that we are not using any other providers. From all aspects including the Customer support, billing and any add on services are just simply excellent.”

    Ugly Fashion Media

    Eoin Oliver

    “I’ve been with Cyber Host Pro for a number of years now and I’ve always found their support second to none. It’s important to me that when I need support I receive it, because I’m not a server guy, I’m a web designer. They’ve always met that requirement well, and that’s why I stay with them.”

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