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As time goes by your needs become more sophisticated, urgent and business critical. You need quicker control over what happens to your online solution and you need the fastest hardware possible. Our VPS or Dedicated Servers are for you.

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Cyber Host Pro has two great solutions for having your own server, either with a Cloud Virtual Private Server (VPS) or a fully Dedicated Server. Nearly every single business starts it’s Internet journey with a shared hosting account because initial requirements are basic and the main objective is to have an online presence. As time goes by your needs become more sophisticated, urgent and business critical. You need better control over what happens to your website. When on shared hosting, the server is managing hundreds of different websites. No matter what safeguards are put in place to protect everyone, whenever something goes wrong, all the websites on the server are potentially affected. It’s at these times that you’ll find yourself considering a switch to your own server.

Cloud Servers

Scalable resources, Start from just 512mb Ram up to 32GB, our cloud server technology is one of the best in the industry. Enterprise level features such as data replication, high availability and auto heal are included as standard From just £15.00 a month, plus a range of operating systems are available including Linux & Windows.

Cloud Virtual Private Servers (or VPS) bridges the gap between a standard shared hosting and full dedicated hosting for a fraction of the price, because one physical server controls several cloud servers, each with it’s own operating system and independent and isolated of other servers.

Cloud Server hosting is the a solution that gives clients almost full control over their server environment without having to shell out the costs of hiring a dedicated server to host their website. The practice of segmenting one physical machine into several virtual machines was earlier available only for bigger computers such as mainframes, although now is common practice amongst most service providers. Due to the number of clients typically running on a single machine, a cloud VPS server generally has limited processor time, RAM, and disk space.

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Dedicated Servers

Cyber Host Pro stock the most high performance hardware to date. We have the latest Dell Quad Core Processors, Plenty of ram and up to 10TB monthly Bandwidth, Windows or Linux operating systems available. Setup in under 24 hours from your order being approved. Now From just £79.00 a month!

With a true dedicated server, the complete server is leased and not shared with anybody else, giving maximum performance, isolation and reliability 24 hours a day, which can lead to less overheads and a larger return on investment. Give yourself full control of your very own server with our dedicated solutions.

In dedicated server hosting, the client can have full control over the type of server hardware and the operating system under which their website will work. For the hosting service provider, however, it means setting aside a physical server for the exclusive use of one client. Naturally, the service provider will charge more for this option compared to shared web hosting where one physical server accommodates the websites of many clients. We offer both Windows and Linux dedicated servers both of which offer their own central control panel.

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What people said about our Servers

Adam Saunders

Adam Saunders

I have no hesitation in recommending Cyber Host Pro. The perfect combination of leading remote technology and data center support makes sure that everything is in safe hands 24 hours a day

Computek Hosting

Graham Thompson

“Put simply, Cyber Host Pro’s professional and speedy support along with their ability to supply great services are a clear winner for us at CompuCheck Web Hosting! There is no other Dedicated Server provider we would trust with our clients. CHP offer great support, it’s second to none! They also offer us stability and a solid backbone that we can trust.”

Vishal Vasu

Vishal Vasu

CyberHostPro is an excellent hosting service provider – especially with a VPS or a Dedicated Server. Affordable pricing, competitive features, excellent uptime and performance; and above all top notch support. My business depends on CyberHostPro, and I’m happy that they understand and value the same. I can honestly say that if this level of support and service continues it will make CyberHostPro a very sought after host.

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