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HP launches Helion portfolio and will invest $1bn in open-source cloud computing

In a move that some have felt was already long overdue, Hewlett-Packard has announced that they will take an ambitious position within the cloud computing marketing place, investing $1 billion in a variety of open-source cloud computing technologies. Dubbed “HP Helion” this particular effort by the noted software giant will be available to consumers in…

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Why more businesses are turning to cloud computing everyday

Although it’s easy to say that keeping up with changing trends in technology is an “absolute must” for intrepid business owners looking to distinguish themselves amongst their competitors, the reality is, unfortunately, a bit more difficult to grapple with. The extremely fast pace at which technology continues to evolve is leaving many in the dark….

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Cloud Server hosting for effective business website

It does not matter what kind of business you are dealing in it is important to attract the customers and increase the sales of the business. This is possible only if the right tools of marketing are used. In the current time you will find many business owners dealing into a similar kind of business….

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Benefits Of Cloud Server Hosting

Many businesses, ranging from small start-ups to large conglomerates need to create an online presence that makes their services and products accessible to potential customers. Creating a well designed is the first step, after which, companies seek the services of companies that allow their website to be uploaded to a server. This makes it accessible…

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Cloud Server Hosting and the many hosting packages

Every business over the web requires a server to run on. There are a lot of companies online that offer such hosting packages to the clients that require the same. Essentially, a server is nothing more than a machine that houses parts of a normal computer. The setup is made in a way that t…

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Reap Huge Benefits from VPS Hosting

The online world is ever increasing with emergence of many businesses. Web hosting plays a vital role as it helps in making your accessible online. There are a number of hosting services, the one that has caught attention is Virtual Private Server or VPS. They are specifically designed for users to offer comprehensive and insulated…

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Features and Benefits of VPS

Choosing a cloud server hosting provider does not have to be a daunting task. Internet gives you access to a number of sources that readily assist their customers with finding the ideal platform where they prefer to host their website. Among the wide range of options available, individuals as well as corporate business owners choose…

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[Infographic] Web hosting: Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated vs Cloud

Evolve or Go Bust: How Cloud Computing Is Being Used to Harden Against New Security Threats

It seem inevitable that, as the pace of technological innovation quickens, companies are left scrambling to not only catch up to the “cutting edge”, but also to secure the platforms they have established for their customers. This mentality could, perhaps, be used to explain the recent spate of security breaches that have occurred on the…

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Above Us, Only Sky: Cloud Computing IS The Future

Technology has always proven to be both a source of fantastic innovation and, simultaneously, a crushing blow to established institutions and methodologies, particularly those that rely upon the older technology being replaced. Such is now the case with cloud computing technology and its older rival, conventional web hosting. Although it’s obvious that hosting services will…

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