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Resellers Are Stretched By BYOD and Cloud

“Innovation” can invoke a myriad of ideas and emotions, including a variety of potential frustrations and concerns. With the recent surge in popularity and demand for BYOD, mobility and Cloud services, technology resellers are finding themselves in a position where it’s becoming necessary to offer an increasingly large selection of products to their customers, which,…

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Rackspace Shifts Web Hosting Focus As CEO Retires

It seems like the hot topic that many tech-enthusiasts are speaking about these days is “evolution.” As the pace of technological growth continues to accelerate, business models and strategies that may have been “viable” in recent history have rapid transitioned into obscurity and “obsolete-ness.” One of the best examples of dramatic infrastructural shifts occurred recently….

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Microsoft And Amazon Are “Neck-In-Neck” In Windows Hosting

Due to the overwhelming number of options when it comes to professional hosting solutions, it should come as no surprise that this particular niche within the larger technology industry is one of the most competitive. A recent study released by Netcraft shows that Microsoft in locked in a fiercely competitive struggle with rival Amazon in…

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Dell Keen On Being A Big Software Player

As the “innovate or die” motto continues to gain validity and respect in the ever-evolving technology market, it’s no surprise that we’re beginning to see many of the world’s largest industry players adapt their time-tested strategies in order to ensure long-term viability. One of the more recent shifts has occurred within the infrastructure of Dell,…

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella expected to bring cloud hosting to India

Following the recent change of power at Microsoft, many experts are predicting that the new Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, will transfer Microsoft’s cloud hosting infrastructure to India. For many, the appointment of Satya Nadella represents a fresh and bold step in the right direction, particularly for Microsoft’s large enterprise clients who view his new authority…

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Web hosting groups look to fight off competition

Gone is the day where web hosting remained an elusive commodity owned by a select few companies on the internet. In today’s age of DIY everything, it’s no surprise that some of the larger hosting companies are finding themselves in stiff competition with their peers overly a rapidly diminishing pool of clients and future customers….

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American Businesses Will Spend $13 billion on Cloud Computing

If you ever had any doubts that cloud computing was here to stay, thinking again. Recent studies have shown that American businesses are prepared and willing to invest $13 billion dollars in cloud computing during 2014. On top of that, it is currently predicted that end-user investment in cloud computing will reach $180 billion by…

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Cyber Host Pro Launches New Range Of Cloud Server Packages

Cyber Host Pro releases a lineup of powerful and affordable new cloud server packages for their customers. Liverpool, UK – 4.2.14 In an effort to remain thoroughly engaged with the needs and desires of their consumer base, Cyber Host Pro has recently released their 2014 lineup of cloud server hosting packages, all of which offer…

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What Slows Your Web Hosting Speed, And What Can Be Done To Improve It?

Cloud Hosting

As the relative “complexity” of websites continues to expand, due primarily to increased functionality and performance expectations on behalf of both consumers and professionals, website have begun falling prey to reduced load speeds. This can become a particularly important issue when considering the assumptions held by many consumers related to the websites of their designated…

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Why it is important to choose the right web hosting company for your website

When an individual goes about launching their own personal website, they are usually doing so to generate an income. The website will be a valuable resource allowing you to connect with potential customers through the possible use of blogs and product information. Through the creation of a website, the business owner enters into a Web…

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