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Cyber attack ‘in two weeks’: Should we be worried?

In a somewhat macabre display of drama and classic scare tactics, a threat has been released to the general public by a group of international hackers announcing that a new virus will be unleashed on the internet in approximately two weeks. Those investing the new threat are confident that the lead perpetrator behind these actions…

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HP launches Helion portfolio and will invest $1bn in open-source cloud computing

In a move that some have felt was already long overdue, Hewlett-Packard has announced that they will take an ambitious position within the cloud computing marketing place, investing $1 billion in a variety of open-source cloud computing technologies. Dubbed “HP Helion” this particular effort by the noted software giant will be available to consumers in…

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Why more businesses are turning to cloud computing everyday

Although it’s easy to say that keeping up with changing trends in technology is an “absolute must” for intrepid business owners looking to distinguish themselves amongst their competitors, the reality is, unfortunately, a bit more difficult to grapple with. The extremely fast pace at which technology continues to evolve is leaving many in the dark….

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Windows vs. Linux Hosting – What’s the Difference?

In today’s world of internet technology and the perpetual state of “connectedness” that is driving e-commerce to extraordinary heights of popularity and prominence, it can be difficult to stay current with current trends and ideas. In fact, many companies invested in developing their online presence still remain “in the dark” about hosting technology and the…

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What type of site do you want to host? (Infographic)

The Significance of Implementing Dedicated Servers

If you desire to launch your very own personal website, then you have to hire an expert web designer who can help you create the best design in sync with your business credentials. As an entrepreneur, you also have to imbibe a good hosting plan for smooth functioning of your business. Very few people understand…

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Cloud Server hosting for effective business website

It does not matter what kind of business you are dealing in it is important to attract the customers and increase the sales of the business. This is possible only if the right tools of marketing are used. In the current time you will find many business owners dealing into a similar kind of business….

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Benefits of Cloud Server Hosting Available at Affordable Prices

Web hosting is a method using which a website can be made to go live on the internet. A well designed website will be useful only when it is accessible to a wide global audience. For this, it is essential to get it hosted on the internet. If someone wants to check about a company…

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Importance of Dedicated Servers

The increase in the dependency on the internet has made it essential for all the business owners to make a space in the online market. One way to stand still in the online market is through a well-designed website. There is a need to approach a web-host service provider, as they will help to host…

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Benefits of Cloud Server Hosting Services

In the modern world today most of the business professionals and organizations prefer using cloud server hosting services for their business as it gives great access to the employees over the data of the business when required. No matter how small or large you firm is, for better outputs and anticipated results you can always…

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